Dump Bodies Polished Aluminum (26′ or less)

Aluminum 5-Spring External Mount System

Fits bodies up to 26′

    • Fits dumps up to 26’, or longer with the underbody mount springs.
    • Versatile bolt or weld on spring assemblies.
    • Premium polished aluminum arms, for great looks and
      no rust.
    • Featuring telescoping arms so one system fits a wide
      range of body lengths.
    • Stainless steel hardware is available.




Base System – Part # 11419 – Call for Pricing

Tarp System Cost With…
11426 97″ Wind Deflector  Call for Pricing
11427 103″ Wide Wind Deflector  Call for Pricing
15002 102″ Wide Smooth Wind Deflector  Call for Pricing
15003 Open Top Aluminum Housing Up to 102″ Wide  Call for Pricing
11434 92″ Wide Aluminum Housing  Call for Pricing
11435 98″ Wide Aluminum Housing  Call for Pricing
11436 104″ Wide Aluminum Housing  Call for Pricing


Tension Hoop

Part # 12372
tarp system tension hoop

Tension Bow

Part # 7671
tarp system tension bow

30 Elbow Kit

Part # 11301
tarp system elbow kits

45 Elbow Kit

Part # 11302
tarp system elbow kits

Centering Flanges

Part # -CEN
tarp system rubber centering flanges

EZ Switch

Part # -EZ
tarp system control switch

HD Axle Upgrade

Part # -HD
tarp system spool axle

HD Motor Upgrade

Part # -BP
tarp system motor

Ground Level Manual Crank Part # -GLC
Aluminum Arm Tarp Sytem


black mesh truck tarp