84″ Underbody Mount Aluminum System, Bullet Proof 60:1 Tarp Motor

Fits Dump bodies 38′ or less

    • System fits up to 38’ Long Trailers, longer systems available in trailer system page.
    • Premium polished aluminum arms, for great looks and
      no rust.
    • Featuring telescoping arms so one system fits a wide range of body lengths.
    • Versatile bolt or weld on spring assemblies that can be mounted under or through the bottom rail of the body.
    • Stainless steel hardware is available upon request.
    • Comes Standard with 5/8″ 15 coil spring.



Base System – Part # 11421 – Call for Pricing

Tarp System Cost With…
11442 97″ Wide Wind Deflector Call for Pricing
11443 103″ Wide Wind Deflector Call for Pricing
15032 102″ Wide Smooth Wind Deflector Call for Pricing
15033 Open Top Aluminum Housing, up to 102” wide Call for Pricing
11444 92″ Wide Aluminum Housing Call for Pricing
11445 98″ Wide Aluminum Housing Call for Pricing
11446 104″ Wide Aluminum Housing Call for Pricing


30 Elbow Kit

Part # 11301
dump trailer tarp system elbow kit

45 Elbow Kit

Part # 11302
us tarp dump trailer elbow kit

Plug Set Vertical

Part # 11264
Dump Trailer conductor plug kit

Plug Set Horizontal

Part # 14566
Dump Trailer Conductor plug kit

Quick Connects

Part # 14316
US Tarp Quick Connect


Part # -CEN
dump trailer tarp centering flanges

EZ Switch Kit

Part # -EZ

4 Housing Support

Part # 13606
Dump Trailer Tarp Housing

2 Housing Support

Part # 14836
US Tarp Donovan Roll Rite Mountain Tarp Housing



Dump Trailer Black Mesh Tarp