Pull Tarp Spring Return

Pull Style Spring Return Tarping System

Base System – Part # 13429 – Call for Pricing

  • Will cover up to 26′ with standard tarps and 20′ with flaps.
  • Aluminum extruded 3″ roller bar.
  • Machined aluminum end caps and the heaviest spring for the application in the industry.
  • Retro-fit kits available to replace competitors roller bars.
  • Comes assembled, tarp mounted, and spring
  • Pre-loaded to save hours in installation.
  • Call a representative for pricing on heavy duty spring for trailers up to 40′.

dump truck pull style tarp system

Tarp System Options Call for Pricing
13430 92″ Wide Aluminum Housing
13431 98″ Wide Aluminum Housing
13432 104″ Wide Aluminum Housing