Warranty Policy

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Fleet Discount Parts guarantees customer satisfaction of all Fleet Discount Parts Products sold. Fleet Discount Parts will assure that each and every customer is provided with the highest level of service and respect and Fleet Discount Parts guarantees to do everything possible to satisfy all requests within our guidelines.


What is Covered:

All Fleet Discount Parts covering systems, parts, components, and tarps are covered against defects in material and operations as well as defects in workmanship.


Terms of Coverage:

1. MOTORS are covered for a period of 90 days against defects in material, operation, and workmanship. To gain a full 3 year extended warranty, the operator of the tarp motor needs to completely fill out the warranty card and mail it within 30 days of the purchase, to the manufacturer, US Tarp. CAUTION, all warranties are void if a genuine US Tarp Switch Kit is not used for the operation of a US Tarp motor.

2. SYSTEMS, COMPONENTS, AND PARTS are covered for a period of 90 days against defects in material and operation and a period of one year against defects in workmanship.

3. TARPS are covered for a period of 30 days against defects in material and operation and defects in workmanship.

The warranty is valid for all customers, if the product is installed according to the installation instructions and used for the products intended use.

Fleet Discount Parts’ obligation to customer satisfaction under this warranty begins with repair, or at its option, replacement of any part under warranty. If within the first 90 days of delivery, every option to satisfy the customer’s needs has been exhausted, the customer’s original purchase will be refunded minus a 20% restocking fee upon the return of undamaged products that have not been altered, modified, or subject to misuse or negligence and are shipped in their original packaging with a copy of the original packing slip and invoice.


What is Not Covered:

Fleet Discount Parts shall not be liable or responsible to supply or pay labor to replace any part found defective, nor shall it be liable for damages of any kind or nature to person, product, property, or other consequential damages.

This Warranty Does Not Apply to the Following:

· Non-standard covering system designs or applications.

· Damage caused by improper installation, operation, or abuse.

· Damage caused by chemical or environmental exposure.

· Damage due to lack of the proper circuit breaker.

· Consequential losses or damage to equipment or materials.

· Consequential expenses such as labor, delays, vehicle downtime, loss of revenue, etc.

· Warranty of the gear motor is void if the motor end bell or gearbox has been opened or cracked.


Repair/Replacement Procedure:

All returns for warranty purposes must be assigned a return authorization number prior to return of the defective product and shipping must be prepaid by the customer to Fleet Discount Parts. Fleet Discount Parts will replace or repair any warrantable product and prepay the return freight to the customer. If express is requested, customer will pay the additional freight charge.